Dr.K.Shantha Breast Cancer Foundation, Trichy (SBCF)

Thank You for your Interest.

Registration closed for Mammorun - Trichy for the year 2018.

Please Try Again to Register Next Year.

IMPORTANT Information:
For 21K:
You Have To Provide the following certificates at the time of Registration.
  1. Fitness Certificate,
  2. Age Proof
  3. Institution Certificate
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5KM - Run 10KM - Run 21KM - Run

Rules of Athletics Federation of India will be followed.
Valid ID to be submitted.
Age Limit - Only above 16 Years for male and females in 10K and 21K Half Marathon.
For Registration :
NO Entrance Fees for all (5km,10km,21km) marathon categories, Registration is Mandatory.
Rules for 21K Competitive Run
You have to provide Fitness Certificate issued by a Doctor to participate in this catagory
Doctor Certificate should have been issued within the last 3 Months and must have the line " Fit to Run 21 KM Marathon"
You will have to provide Bonafide Certificate in case you are the Winner in this catagory.