Dr.K.Shantha Breast Cancer Foundation, Trichy (SBCF)

Mammorun 2018 - Registration Form

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For 21K:
You Have To Provide the following certificates at the time of Registration.
  1. Fitness Certificate,
  2. Age Proof
  3. Institution Certificate
Rules of Athletics Federation of India will be followed.
Valid ID to be submitted.
Age Limit - Only above 16 Years for male and females in 21K Half Marathon.
For Registration : You will have to pay Rs.100/- for 5K Marathon & Rs.300/- for 21K Marathon respectively
Rules for 21K Competitive Run
You have to provide Fitness Certificate issued by a Doctor to participate in this catagory
Doctor Certificate should have been issued within the last 3 Months and must have the line " Fit to Run 21 KM Marathon"
You will have to provide Bonafide Certificate in case you are the Winner in this catagory.