Dr.K.Shantha Breast Cancer Foundation, Trichy (SBCF)

About SBCF

SBCF's Programme & Services

A three-prong approach that combines awareness and education, advocacy for early detection and support for people affected by breast cancer, is used to achieve SBCF’s objectives.

Awareness & Education

Through its Awareness & Education Programme, SBCF reaches out to as many people as possible irrespective of gender, profession or ethnic group. SBCF believes that by doing so more people will not only become aware of breast cancer and related issues but also become our partners in spreading our education messages. SBCF’s strategies for increasing awareness and education include face-to-face programmes, fund-raising activities as well as messages and information through mass media.


Recognising the importance of support for the newly diagnosed patient, the survivor walking the road to recovery, and the affected family members, SBCF has established a strong Support Programme.

  • Support Groups
  • Volunteer Counselling Programme (Helplines & Hospital Visit Programme) 
  • Healing Programmes 
  • Run for Cancer Program

SBCF Mammobus

SBCF plans to runs a mobile breast cancer screening service called the Mammobus, making it easily accessible, particularly to women from the lower income strata at the subsidised rate.

Donations & Fund-Raising Activities

SBCF relies on donations, sponsors and fund-raising activities to raise money to run its various programmes and services. Fund-raising activities may be organised by SBCF, often with support from sponsors, or by other organisations or individuals.

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