Dr.K.Shantha Breast Cancer Foundation, Trichy (SBCF)

Join SBCF - Volunteer Training

SBCF ensures that all volunteers who wish to become Hospital Visit Volunteer Counsellors or Telephone Volunteer Counsellors receive adequate training to fulfil their duties. Courses are also organised to upgrade skills for volunteer counsellors periodically. A counselling course is also conducted for nurses who work with breast cancer patients.

The four main courses held are:

  1.  Basic Counselling Course (English) 
  2. Basic Counselling Course (Tamil) 
  3. Skills Upgrading for Active Volunteer Counsellors
  4.  Basic Counselling Course for Nurses

For more information on these courses, or to register your interest, contact SBCF. Be sure to include your name, designation, contact number & postal address.


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